This is Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio

You’re familiar with the saying “don’t put your eggs in one basket”, right? Well, that’s pretty much what diversifying your portfolio is all about! Only, by eggs we mean money and by basket we mean assets.

Yes – the market is mercurial, and changes faster than you breathe! Therefore, to be able to keep up with it, you must assume a strategy that reduces your risk-exposure, by allocating investments among various financial instruments, industries, or categories. So, if everything goes down the drain, you can keep your cool on! Having said that, here are the reasons why you should adopt a diversified investment strategy.

Up The Hill

It’s been almost 10 years since I rode a bicycle; mainly because it wasn’t my favorite activity growing up. Although I used to race my friends to the finish line, with time I had forgotten how to ride a bicycle. The closest thing I did to riding was watching the “Tour De France”; only because France’s landscape appealed to me.

Last Sunday, I decided to give it a shot again. I borrowed my neighbor’s bicycle. It has been gathering dust in the basement of our building. I struggled to keep balance, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying the great scenery of my hometown. The terrain was steep indeed.

A week later, I went cycling with my friends. We had to ride up a very sharp hill. To be fair, they did warn me. Eventually, with their help, I managed to reach the top and gaze at the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Beirut City.


Google launched a new search tool that depends on artificial intelligence. “Talk to Books” is a new way to find answers on the internet, It should bring pleasure to researchers, bookworms and anyone seeking to expand their thinking on a range of topics. All you have to do is to type a question into “Talk to Books,” and AI-powered tool will scan every sentence in 100,000 volumes in Google Books and generate a list of likely responses with the pertinent passage bolded. In this regard, futurist Ray Kurzweil noted that “Talk to Books” is not meant to replace keyword search. It uses “semantic search,” drawing on the ability of the tool’s AI to understand natural human language.

The Crypto Ride Is Just-Now About to Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and strap in, because the crypto show is about to begin!

All the hoopla and talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin having their ’15 minutes of fame’, and the ‘the bubble has burst’, is all garbage.  Yes, you heard me correctly – all garbage, 100% garbage!

There are several reasons for the steep decline that has taken place, further to the steep incline of Bitcoin’s value and other cryptocurrencies at the end of 2018.  I will shed some light on a few of those reasons below.

Infographic – 10 Economy Books Every Trader Should Read

Here’s a not-so-secret global consensus – we live in the age of fast and easily-acquired information. We are constantly bombarded with fragments of data; some we grasp and some we store in our subconscious, to later appear in our dreams.

The thing is, the world of web is our primal source for information; however, it’s slowly eating away from the importance of deep and slowly-acquired knowledge. As a trader, this doesn’t really work for your benefit.

That being said, your homework is to recognize that you need a solid foundation to venture the market. You should adopt a holistic approach when it comes to your education.

If you want to create a solid foundation to establish a healthy trading activity, you have got to get yourself a library card and get on some reading! Get this – you’re never too cool for old school.

So, without further ado – here are the top 10 economy classics you should read to get your knowledge all ripped and toned up.

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