What’s The Story Behind The World’s Most Expensive Antiques?

Since the creation of humanity, antiques always had their own mysterious stories. They are often considered as historical symbols that trace the human’s history and allow us to go back in time and discover how was life in the past ages.

 What are then the world’s most expensive antiques and what’s their story?

Pointing Man known as “L’Homme au doigt”

It is a 1947 sculpture made by Alberto Giacometti that passed away in 1966. This sculpture is one of the most mysterious antiques, as the man sculpted points his finger to nothing specific, and his other hand is positioned in a way you have to obey the sculpture and its secret words. “L’Homme au doigt” was sold in 2015 in an auction, for a price of 141 million dollars.

A rare Egg for the Elephant Bird

The egg is thought to be at least 400 years old and almost 200 times larger than a chicken’s egg. The rare egg, which is 12 inches long and more than eight inches in diameter, belonged to the now extinct elephant bird that lived on Madagascar. The flightless birds, which stood nearly 10 feet (three meters) tall and weighted half a ton, died out in the 17th century after heavy hunting. This egg was sold at an auction for 45 thousand dollars.

Breal’s Silver Cup

Bréal’s Cup is the trophy awarded to Spyros Louis, the Marathon winner at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, in 1896. This Cup was put to sale at a price of $192255

Emerald & Diamond Tiara

According to some stories, this tiara was a gift from the German Prince Juido to his wife Catherine. According to other stories, this tiara once Belonged to the Wife of French Emperor Napoleon III. This crown contains a row of 11 pieces of polished emerald pear-shaped and including nearly 500 carats. It was bought by an anonymous buyer at $12.76 million.

Napoleon’s Death Mask

During  Napoleon Bonaparte’s era, it was customary to cast a death mask of a great leader who had recently died. A mixture of wax or plaster was carefully placed over Napoleon’s face after two days of his death in 1821, and removed after the form had hardened. This mask is considered to be an important antique, due to the fact that Napoleon was a charismatic leader, but he didn’t pose a lot to get his figure drawn. This mask is considered to be the only thing that reflects his figure accurately. It costs $91 thousand.

What do you think of these antiques? Would you pay millions and billions of dollars to own one of them?

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