Digital Currencies: The Spotlight on the Writing on the Wall

Just as each day passes by in the financial markets with more and more investment opportunity signals, investors are passing along without noticing the spotlight on the wall. And the wall is the wall with the ‘Writing on the Wall’!


Currently, investors are being offered ‘opportunities’ to bet on the next financial crisis by the biggest of the biggest Wall St firms- Goldman Sachs. Does everyone remember the role they played in the Financial Crisis of all time? They came out smelling like roses while everyone else got pounded because Goldman was the one selling the ‘crap that collapsed’ to the markets. According to a recent article from Zero Hedge, Goldman Sachs is at it again- 10 years later! Investors can bet on the European banking crisis and failure via created TRS (Total Return Swap) securities.

Basically, these are fixed income notes (bonds) that are unsecured securities which puts them at the lowest rank on the list in terms of payout if anything happens to the bank- AKA getting wiped out.

I am not going to continue this article bashing Goldman Sachs- they see an opportunity to make large sums of money at the destruction of others- AGAIN. But, it does give me the opportunity to talk about a positive opportunity- FinTech. It is no secret that I am a firm believer in blockchain technology and the digital currency growth and where it is all headed. FinTech is the future of the financial world. Bitcoin and its blockchain was created in 2009 out of a severe need because of the crisis that the current financial world put us in back in 2008/2009. Now the spotlight is shining bright, so bright, on the opportunity to invest and make the shift to digital currencies and financial technology.

Take a real hard look as to what is happening around us at the moment. According to the Real Wealth Report: – Japan is drowning in their debt. They will implode within 12 months. – Europe is on fire. The EU is in big trouble- Spain is now taxing bank deposits. France is focusing more and more on cash outflows of the country. Cyprus claimed 40% of bank deposits on all accounts above EUR 100,000. The PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) debt issue has not been resolve AT ALL. And, Germany WON’T continue to fund this ongoing problem. The EU will break up and dissolve by 2019 plunging the EURO down down down.

With these issues taking place, the US will and has been reaping the benefits- and they will continue to do so for a short while. Their downfall is coming soon enough approximately by 2021/2022. But, until then: – The equity markets will only continue to generate newer and higher highs. – The bond markets will continue to inflate and become more and more expensive to own with very little yield in return. – Specific US sectors will explode to new levels, such as the sectors of energy, defense, metals, natural resources, and electric cars. – Real estate will continue to rise and the Collectibles market will become more enticing.

AND THEN, just as everywhere else in the world has collapsed and the US is so bloated, BOOM! The US will crash harder and bigger than it ever has in its history!

My point after all of this doom and gloom is that this is a perfect time to educate yourself and learn how to get involved and invested in the world of FinTech! It is the future of the financial world and markets. A financial world created ‘by the people for the people’! No more BS governmental control, taxes and fees, lost time dealing with these institutions! A transparent and instant financial market that will allow true innovation and growth in the world to happen faster and easier.

So, take a deep breath, keep your eyes and ears open and continue to invest in the US equity markets, watch Japan crash, watch the EU collapse, and- Oh yeah, invest in FINTECH!!! Have a great month!

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