Infographic – 10 Economy Books Every Trader Should Read

Here’s a not-so-secret global consensus – we live in the age of fast and easily-acquired information. We are constantly bombarded with fragments of data; some we grasp and some we store in our subconscious, to later appear in our dreams.

The thing is, the world of web is our primal source for information; however, it’s slowly eating away from the importance of deep and slowly-acquired knowledge. As a trader, this doesn’t really work for your benefit.

That being said, your homework is to recognize that you need a solid foundation to venture the market. You should adopt a holistic approach when it comes to your education.

If you want to create a solid foundation to establish a healthy trading activity, you have got to get yourself a library card and get on some reading! Get this – you’re never too cool for old school.

So, without further ado – here are the top 10 economy classics you should read to get your knowledge all ripped and toned up.

Infogprahic featuring the most important economy books across history.

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