How Does Ecommerce Impact Inflation?

Ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated by reading. Whether it was fiction, non-fiction, biography, or any other genre, reading formed a haven that continues to enrich my knowledge to this day. My parents had always encouraged my sister and I to read and discuss what we learn. As we grew older, so did the number of books in our library.

Infographic – 10 Richest Traders Worldwide

Are you itching to know which traders scored the highest net worth this year? So were we! Well, further to scrutinizing research, we were able to chase them down and create a juicy list of the top 10 traders in the world. Did we pique your money-curiosity yet?

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The Market Rumbles Back

Since the beginning of the year, the good music played at “Stock-Mania” kept going, as the market reached higher levels quickly. Investors thrilled with their great performance in the previous year, thought that this year will also be filled with rosy dreams, rainbows, and golden pots; since prices continued to climb the “Stair Way To Heaven”. Suddenly, things changed dramatically by the start of February and brought back nightmares, of not a distant past.

What About the European Union and the Euro Currency?

While in the previous month I have discussed the rise of European Union as a political and economic power which was later tested in 2010 debt crisis, the good news favored by bullish euro currency investors continue to emerge as the ECB meeting minutes in December 2017 showed that the ECB is ready to shift guidance, sending a signal to begin tapering it’s QE program, and the commencement of normalizing monetary policy in 2018. This sounds as good music for the ears of investors for now.

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